Hosts all over Japan offer unique experiences

Pick up experience in Osaka!

3 hours 

Today's Special in Osaka Local District

Explore Fukushima area with all the street hidden bars and restaurants, eat and drink like locals


3 hours 

Osaka Food Tour in Hidden Back Streets

Explore the Hidden Gems and Backstreets of Osaka’s Namba District


Pick up experience in Kyoto!

3 hours 

Kyoto Nightlife and Local Bar Scene Tour

Explore the City Lights and Chilled Out Vibes of Kyoto at Night


4 hours 

Kyoto Exclusive Electric Bike Tour

Hit Kyoto’s must-see tourist destinations, and some extra gems while avoiding the crowds.


3 hours 

Discover the Hidden Gems in Arashiyama

This adventure will be held in Arashiyama, one of Kyoto’s most famous destinations.


Oftentimes the language barrier prevents you to understand more than what's on the surface.

Thanks to the TOMO, dive deeper into Japan culture. The deeper you go the richer it gets.

Personal guide-interprets help you connect seamlessly with the host. (TOMO)

Hosts all over Japan offer unique experiences

You won't learn about the real Japan through regular sightseeing trips. Experience the culture in depth through small-group programs and interactions with artisans and experts deeply versed in Japanese culture.

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